Well, we're done. It's over. It was a bear! Here's the details

Departed Wenatchee at 5:30 AM (10/13)
Reached Ogden, UT at 9:00 PM (10/13)
Departed Ogden, UT at 4:30 AM (10/14)
Arrived Phoenix, AZ at 8:11 PM (10/14)
Costs (rounded to nearest dollar, or approximate where noted with *)
Lodging: $50 for 2 Adults at Ogden Motel 6
Gas: *$550 (14' Ford Uhaul)
Food: $125 (2 adults/2 days)
Fluids: $100

We left Wenatchee a little later than we hoped to, but it worked out just fine. We were in the badlands of Northern Utah on I-84 at sunset. Ogden was the next town with affordable lodging (tight budget).

We left a bit earlier on the second day and put many miles out of our way. Spectacular drive on I-15 through Southern Utah. I was surprised to see just how large St. George, UT was!

The virgin river canyon was no problem for us though.

We got into Las Vegas at about 12:00 (we kept jumping forward and back an hour, but that is Noon MDST). I do have to say that Vegas from what we saw from I-15 and I-215 isn't anything spectacular during the day. Of course the Strip is a whole other topic, but we didn't have the time to see that.

We made it down to Laughlin and over the passes, but ran into a snag just outside Golden Valley. Our 14' Uhaul overheated, leaving us sitting on the side of the highway for about an hour waiting for it to cool (I must add that we had been having some minor problems with the cooling system overflow jug boiling over towards the end of the first day, but we checked it in the morning and it seemed fine). Well, thanks to the propane dealer and Golden Valley newspaper office for letting us use water from their faucet to get the truck 2 miles up the road to the gas station. Once there, we spent $80 on coolant (6 jugs of premix, all that he had instock!). We got the truck to Kingman and let it sit at the Carls Jr.

We did our final fill up, and the cheapest gas we found was in Kingman at $2.61/gallon for unleaded! IN KINGMAN!!! (surprised, I was... considering the Cheveron next to Carl's Jr. was at $2.99!!!

Once we refilled the radiator with coolant, we had pretty much no problems, until the rest area just out side of Wickenburg, where we stopped because the overflow resevoir was boiling again.

If I can give any advice from this trip, its this... make sure your rental truck is fully inspected (ask questions when renting) prior to signing the contract!

Well, its nice to be home!
-Brad M.