Hi Everyone, joel here from the UK

Im in the very early stages of planning a roadtrip, I've just finished university and so I'm thining of taking a year out to travel and America is top of my list.
Im from England and so I need to know how long can a non-American citizen is allowed to stay in the states for? I've heard from friends thats its just a few months, if this is true is there any way my stay could be made (legally) longer?
I'm hoping to take my bike with me so do you know if i will I need any special plates or licence's? At present I have a full UK licence will this be enough?
Finally something I know a lot of you will be able to help me with I'll probably be arriving in New York and I plan to travel over to the west coast on my bike to somewhere like California maybe, can anybody surggest a good route? I would like to see as much of country as reasonably possible and stop over in several States, also I would like to see as many of the road attractions as possible (the more weird and wonderful the better).

So if there is anyone out there who can help me please please please do.

Cheers lizardking