Hi all:

Well we are on our first leg of our Sacramento to Virginia trip. We are moving because my hubby got a new job. We left Sacramento and went up highway 88 and visited my mom in Sutter Creek, CA and then left from there about 10:00 yesterday. We went up highway 88...it took longer to get to Carson City because the road is slower and winding. It is beautiful though...stopped at Woods Lake I love that area we have gone there since I was a kid...it was crowded tho and we couldnt get a parking spot...so we went up the hill and stopped at Carson Pass for a pit stop. Traveling with two dogs and two cats so it is an adventure that is for sure.

At Fernley NV we hooked up with I-80 and our plan is to take it all the way out. We are in Elko, NV tonight at a really nice Days Inn. The people here are really nice...gave us free breakfast. We met two groups of people, one going backpacking up in Carson Pass for a week with a pack of boy scouts. The other is traveling to Idaho.

Today we are on the road about 8:00 am and we are leaving Elko and heading towards Wendover to Salt Lake. Then it is up in Wyoming. The country here in NV is pretty isolated. A little more built up then when I was across here about 15 years ago. Beautiful along 80 where the Humbolt river runs for miles...Totally green on one side of the freeway where the river is...totally dry on the other! The river runs along 80 for a long way...probably 80 miles at least.

I will check in tonight at my next stop if the motel has internet!