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    Default Trip from Atlanta to New Orleans

    Hi, this is my first shot at a post, so please bear with me. This is a great site, and I am so glad to have found it. My gf and I are travelling from Europe to Atlanta at the start of September. We are heading to New Orleans to stay with friends, and look to take 10-14 days to do this. We have a few questions.
    • Are there good rental companies that do one-way rentals
    • We would like to see Nashville and Memphis, but are otherwise pretty flexible. Does anyone have suggestions for routes?
    • Any other things we should be thinking about?

    Thanks for your patience with this newbie. Best wishes.

  2. Default Welcome to the board!

    Some recent posters have gotten some great one-way car rental quotes from this outfit -- -- so you might give them a try. One of the more competitive American companies is Advantage -- they quote $60 per day for one-way rentals with no drop charges. The Airline Network people have been beating that price pretty well, though.

    For a route, it looks like you may want to take a "horseshoe" shaped route up around through the northern part of the South? With the number of days you have, you might be able to swing up through the Blue Ridge area of Virginia, see the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, some Civil War Battelfields, get across through Nashville and Memphis, maybe even see Chicago or St Louis before heading back down along the River to New Orleans. Do any of these interest you? What kind of things are you interested in seeing or doing?


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    Thanks for the tips Bob. Your suggestion about The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a good one. I guess we just want to chill out a bit, enjoy the road, and maybe hear some good blues and country music on the way. And of course enjoy some good food and the odd beer or two!


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