I'm here in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey for the summer. And i'll leaving USA from Los Angeles airport. I have 7 days to tour around...which is very very short and so i plan to make the most of it. Visiting as many places as i can...trying to find those uniquely American places...like you can't find anywhere else in the world. I'm thinking of San Diego, Los Angeles...California, maybe Las Vegas.. Any suggesttions for a good trip? With good stopovers. I was thinking i could rent a caravan for a few days too to sleep on the road..but im not too sure about the laws..and the policies..as in if i rent in from one state do i have to return it back to the exact same station or perhaps i could return the vehicle in another state owned by the same company??? Heh i think you can tell im very much lost...well any help at all will be greatly GREATLY appreciated. Thanks loads~!