Hi all. I'm planning a trip to the states in June and am staying in Yosemite then hope to travel to Vegas in one day. I had planned to take the Tioga pass then go through Death Valley to Vegas which seems to be the usual route suggested on this website. Unfortunately from my research on the Yosemite National Park website it seems that somewhat freak levels of snow (15ft!) will keep the Tioga Road closed form most of June. This is not good as I've (stupidly?) booked accomodation in Vegas so the trip has to be done in one day or I lose my money on the hotel.

Basically I know I can go round Yosemite via Fresno etc to Vegas pretty easily, but, and this is the clincher, I really want to go to Death valley. Would it be possible to do the drive in one day - Yosemite to Death valley to Vegas not taking the Tioga Pass? I'm not thinking of doing this on my own, there will be two of us doing the driving.

Any thoughts from experienced road trippers would be much appreciated.