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    Default Straight through to Michigan

    Hi, i'm a new member of the forum, and was planning to drive from my home, (boston, mass) to Holland, Michigan this summer. I have gone with my parents all my life, and finally,now that i have my license, i plan to do it myself.
    The trip is about 900 miles and my family usually breaks it down between two days. The first day is spent driving to buffalo, and stopping before we cross into canada. Now, i would like to drive straight through, but i will be by myself and im not sure if i could make it. Also, I am 17 and i'm unsure of the laws for a 17 year old crossing the boarder. Does anyone know the laws for this? A passport will definateley be required, but other than that.. what could i need? My parents will be aware of it, and maybe i will need a letter or something? I dont know, i would appreciate any feedback/ information.

    Thanks alot

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    also, do you think it is safe to stop and sleep at rest stops? excuse my naievite

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    There are others on the forum that can answer your border questions better than I, but I can give you an opinion on rest stop sleeping.

    It is unlawful to "camp" or sleep overnight in interstate rest areas. You may, however, take a short nap to refresh yourself -- that's what they were designed for.

    First, I have NEVER had ANY kind of a problem in a rest area. But as a matter of personal safety, I do not sleep in them. The bad guys know that people are going to sleep in rest areas. For this reason, I believe you are unusually vulnerable sleeping in rest areas. Are you likely to be attacked in a rest area? I DOUBT it, the ODDS are still against it. But it's an increased risk over other options.

    I only do it when I simply cannot go on and there is no other place to stop, or if I have a 2nd person along that can keep awake to stand "guard." And if that's the case, I'd usually just let THEM drive for awhile!

    As an alternative (while solo roadtripping), stop in a town and sleep in your car along a quiet street in a business district. No one is EXPECTING you there, and for this reason, you will not likely be noticed if you're subtle about it. For example, I parked an entire night one time in Georgetown, Colorado, downtown, in the tourist parking lot behind the main street. I parked among several other vehicles, and no one ever knew that I was there (that I know of).

    Other times, I get off the road on public lands in a place where I can see anything that's coming before he/she/it gets too close (hey, you never know, those Bigfoot films MIGHT be real...)

    I believe either of these options is safer than rest area sleeping (except, of course, for Bigfoot)!

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    what about crossing the border at 17?

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