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Thread: Cannonball Run

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    danny g Guest

    Default Cannonball Run

    Hello all,

    I am new to the site and would really appreciate and advice or tips any of you have. The roadtrip I have planned is admittedly moronic. So......please do not bash it. I already agree.

    Ok, so here is the story. A couple of years ago a few of my friends and I were having a couple of drinks in a bar in Union Square NYC. My firend James and I are the only two in our circle who really like road trips. Not really sceneic road trips but fast ones to a certain place to see something cool and than a quick turn around. We started out with going to places like maine for lobster and philly for cheesesteaks etc. So anyways, back to the bar. The topic of our moronic roadtrips came up. We were touting our record speed in getting to places. We would always get there alot faster than mapquest would outline and never by exceeding the speed limit too much.

    Than came the dare. Make it to LA from NYC in less than 48 hours. There was no backing down. We know we can do it. and will make sure it is done in even less.

    So far, we have booked a rental car (pontiac grand am) from Avis using airport to airport dropoff with unlimited miles. It is costing us about 400 just for the car which was the best deal we could find. We are leaving thursday night June 2 from NYC. Our return flight from LAX is at 12pm Sunday on delta song. Giving us about 19 hours of leeway factoring in the three hours we gain in time zone changes. all comes down to the route. How should we do this? Since we are going to La route 80 is out so we are looking at a mapquest route that takes us south. Gonna be hot in June.

    Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated. O yeah...the proof will be gas receipts off my amex. They will show date time and location.

    I Look forward to your responses.

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    Default This is public forum...

    I am new to the site and would really appreciate and advice or tips any of you have. The roadtrip I have planned is admittedly moronic. So......please do not bash it. I already agree..
    Welcome to the Forum! Since this is public forum it is unlikely that you will get many tips from this community for an endeavor that breaks a handful of laws. That being said, I like speed runs and there are a number of tips on this forum for accomplishing them.


  3. Default No exceeding speed limits?

    You say "not by exceeding speed limits too much?" Like staying within 10 mph?

    I don't have adequate software at my fingertips right now to determine the shortest/best route, but it looks like I-80 to I-76 to I-70 to I-15, or use I-70, I-44, I-40.

    My goal would be to stay at a speed that's R&P -- even if a bit above posted. If you stay within 12 mph, you MAY escape attention (less than 10 over, you almost surely will). The difference can be significant over a long distance if you can maintain a steady speed and minimize stops.

    Also, keep in mind that patrol coverage and traffic are less at night. Both of these can make a trip like this less "complicated." You HAVE to maintain a steady speed -- in doing so, you do not have to drive dangerously. Also remember that a traffic stop is 20 minutes, minimum, on the side. That'll really mess with your average... :)

    Remember also that the faster you drive, the more stress and fatigue you develop. That's a fact. So plan your speed carefully and hold it steady as much as possible. Don't forget to investigate your route in advance for road construction -- choose the route that has the best combination of brevity and less work zones. Also, optimize your stops -- plan for gas, food, & rest all at once.

    After all of that, NO trip is worth dying for, and you don't have the right to endanger others. So keep your head on straight and plan/execute this so you do not do either. Win this "dare" with your head, not your foot! Good luck. Bob

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    danny g Guest


    Good advice. I really appreciate it. The plan is to never really exceed 10 - 15 mph over the speed limit. #1 Safety, #2 Tickets, #3 Wasted fuel. I did an excel spreadsheet and figured that at 66 mph with 4 hours for fuel stops we will make it there in 44 hours. this gives a little leeway and even more if we up the speed a tad. But we dont want mileage to drop off too much. Any advice on construction areas will be a great asset.


  5. Default MS Streets and Trips

    One option is pick up a copy of MS Streets and Trips -- they keep track of construction areas and you can update frequently.

    Also, you can check out the state DOT pages for up to date information by using this link here on RoadTrip America.


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    danny g Guest


    Good stuff. You the man!

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    I like it! I've always wanted to do something like the Canonball run. Can't wait to hear about it. I used to take random trips like that too. Drive down to San Diego for mcdonalds breakfast and come back. Or drive up to Santa Barbara for an hour or two. But nothing this crazy.

    Can't help you much on how to avoid speeding. Just don't speed too much would be my suggestion. A moderate but steady pace is a lot quicker than a fast pace with a lot of stops. It will be hard to average 66 mph unless you stay on highways the entire time, even so, one rest stop will drop your average speed a lot. So that means a lot of in car eating, and very few bathroom breaks. Plus frequent driver changes, probably no more than 4 hours at a time. I did 380 miles in aobut 4 hours one time, which averages to about 85 mph, but in order to average that speed, I was at triple digits fairly often. I think one stop might have dropped the average about 10 mph. Other than that, maybe you can get a radar detector or police scanners, but I dunno how effective they will be. I'd probably spend the money for a GPS unit that can tell you your stats along the way, so you know you average speed, and how much time you have to make up to reach your goal. Or if you know someone with a rally computer, that would be perfect for this kind of trip.

    If you want to do this legally, consider this

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    danny g Guest


    Hey one thought we have had in the back of our heads is gas. Looks like some of these southwest interstates are really out in the middle of nowhere. Whats the gas situation like in the middle of the night? How far apart are gas stations? I am from the northeast where you cant go two feet without tripping over one. Are they 24 hour operations? Should I take a gas can just in case?

  9. Default No need for can.

    On the interstates, you will find 24 hour gas at regular intervals. OFF the interstate can be a different matter.

    Here's one other thing to consider. If you get stopped for speeding, at less than about 12 mph* over a limit and no other complicating conditions that make it patently unsafe -- it is up in the air whether you even get a ticket. Many of the patrolmen I know (Arizona) will give you a warning for such a speed, not a ticket. If on the other hand, they see a radar detector unit in your vehicle, you might kiss that warning goodbye, say "hello judge." Radar detector bespeaks INTENTIONAL speeding. FWIW.

    * Also, understand that "12 over" is a matter of officer discretion. They don't have to "give" you anything. And depending on circumstances, they may not. Most of the time, however, what I've said is true in my state. I am assuming, maybe mistakenly, that the same holds true in other states of which I know nothing about. My own habit, practiced like a religion, is I never intentionally push a speed limit beyond 8 over. This has kept me out of trouble for over 15 years.


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    WoooHOo! I'm gonna be speeding through Bob's state at 11 mph over the speed limit from now on!

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