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    Hello, all! We just got back from our trip to PA. Looking back, I realize I made an error in stating it was to Central PA - in actuality, we were in Eastern PA. There is quite a difference, distance-wise! I regret the error, and hope this did not cause any inconvenience. ;-)

    It was 23 degrees when we left MA Saturday morning. We took the Merritt Parkway through CT, where I saw an older Ferrari Testarossa and a Bentley drive by. This is not unusual for that road! We were in NJ 2 1/2 hours after leaving central MA. Thank the highway gods for I-287 for that feat. If we had taken I-84, we probably would still be headed South! Hooking onto I-80, we encountered some heavy traffic, rolling road construction (pothole repair), and various other problems.

    Once off of that stretch, we headed down PA-512 and then I decided to wing it. We headed through Bangor (a town which needs further investigation what with it's 1800s style buildings and hotel), Nazareth (which I recall as being the home of Martin Guitars), and then headed off to ride around Germansville on various county roads, before heading to our base camp.

    We were able to get in a nice bike ride on some more back roads later in the day.

    Sunday we headed to Valley Forge (thanks for the reminder, Bob!), a truly wonderful place to visit. Miles of walking trails (also used by bikers and horseback riders), whitetail deer in abundance (if you know where to look!), and a nice auto-circuit, too. The area is a getaway for Philadelphians, but it is easily accessible. One road in the park crests a hill and turns left. When driving on it, it felt as though I would drive off the end of the after lunch, we went back and drove over it again!

    We took PA-100 (which goes through some fantastic country) to PA-23. On the way back, PA-29 to PA-100, stopping in Schwenksville for some ice cream at the Ice Cream Station (nice and creamy). Nearby is the Perkiomen Trail,
    which will have to wait until our next visit.

    The ride back to MA was going to be a straight shot, US-22, PA-33, I-80, I-287 etc, until I gave I-84 another chance, and realized that the road will never change, all broken or under construction, narrow, and slow...I still hate that road! We got off of that onto the Taconic Parkway, US-44 East, US-7 to MA-102 and then I-90. I'm so glad we did, too!

    US-44 was as pretty as we remembered, on US-7 we stopped at a rest area just over the MA line and pulled out the grill. MA-102 is okay, and of course I-90.

    I wish we had more time to explore, but this first camping trip of the year is always interesting, and despite going to the same place three times, we always find something new to see and do.
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