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    Default Radar detectors illegal in?

    Borrowing a friend's radar detector for a road trip. Which states are they illegal in?

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    Radar detectors in passenger cars are only illegal in Virginia, D.C., and Canada.

    There is a funny law in Minnesota about attaching/adhering things to your windshield (like a radar detector with a bracket that sticks to the windshield), but the detectors themselves are not illegal if not mounted there.

    The wider ban is on radar jammers, which are illegal in Oklahoma, Virginia, D.C, Nebraska, N Carolina, Utah, and California. Not sure what the penalties are in other areas, but in the Virginia/D.C. case the fine is outrageous and the police are looking.

    Also interesting to keep in mind is that cell phones are illegal while driving in Virginia, D.C., and New York state, as well as in Santa Fe, NM.

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    Default Radar detectors and jammers

    I copied this from a previous thread : "[...] radar detectors are prohibited in Virginia and Washington, DC. Policemen apparently use radar detector detectors in these 2 States. Also, radar jammers are prohibited in Nebraska, Virginia, Utah, Minnesota, California, Oklahoma and Washington D.C.

    In Canada, radar detectors are only allowed in Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. Everywhere else, it is illegal not only to USE one but even to POSSESS one. It will be seized if a policeman catches you with it and you could be fined up to ..... 1 000$CAD. In these Provinces and Territories, radar detectors are only available on the black market (at your own risk)."

    It's true that Virginia policemen rarely give us a chance, especially when you're from out of State...and they're everywhere!! I know someone who got caught with a radar detector there and the ticket was pretty expensive! Be careful!

    Drive safe!

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    FYI: It is illegal to POSSESS radar detectors in Virginia, also.

    I have a $250 receipt somewhere to prove it!


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