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Thread: A car question?

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    Davey Guest

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    Well this is my first post on this forum and let me just say what a great and usefull site this is :D .. now for my question, me and a friend of mine are going to the US this summer for a roadtrip and we were going to rent a car, but seeing as you have to be 25 to do that, we are going to buy one instead. Now my question is what kind of rules are over there with buying a car, do you have to have citizenship? do you have to have insurance? do you have to have a US driving licence? or can we just turn up and buy one and drive off? these may sound like silly questions, but answers woudl be very appreciated!!!

    also im not sure if this is posted in the right forum .. mod can just move if it isnt :D:D

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    There was some similar discussion about this topic not too long ago. Have a look at this topic:

    Where are you from?

    Welcome to the forum!


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    Davey Guest


    Thank you and I am from Iceland.

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    Keep in mind some rental agencies WILL rent to under 25's, they just charge more. You might do more research and see if even at a higher rate, it might be less expensive to rent than buy, all things considered. Or at least involve less hassles. Bob

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