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    How feasible do people on here think it would be to do a road trip around the whole of america visiting every state, starting in alaska and ending in california or three months? Or maybe not starting in alaska but starting somewhere like washington? Has anyone here done this or have any links to any sites where someone has? I'd like to find out costs, time and stuff like that.....



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    Default It has been done many times

    The fastest such trip we know about included visits to all 50 states in about a week. But the two co-drivers never really slept...

    If it is possible to drive through sections of all 50 states in three months -- but to really SEE what there is to see and do would take thirty+ years.

    The best route I have ever seen for accomplishing the lower 48 was run by the Quest-4 Team. Their site and several other noteworthy attempts can be viewed by <a href = "">looking at the travelog page<a/>. Some additional information about the focus of their quest is also <a href = "">available here<a/>.

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    Cool man, thanks for the info, i'll check those links out.

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