Moving cross country is always a pain, and when all you have is the belongings you can cram into a '91 Chevrolet Lumina with 348,000 miles doesn't make it much easier. Here was my eventual itenerary for moving from beautiful Wenatchee, Washington (in Central Washington) to Phoenix, Arizona (Satan's Frying Pan).
Depart N. Wenatchee: 4 AM
-WB on U.S. 2/97 from Lower Sunnyslope Road.
-Fuel/snack stop at the Big Y Texaco in Dryden, Washington, about 12 mi W of starting point.
-SB on US 97 over Blewitt Pass to Cle Elum, Jct of I-90
-I-90 WB to Bellevue
-I-405 SB to JCT I-5
-I-5 SB, stopped north of Vancover, WA at Denny's for Breakfast.
-I-5 SB to Yreka, Calif.- Overnight Stay at Yreka motel 6, Arrival around 8PM.
-Depart Yreka at 2 AM
-I-5 SB to Calif. Rt 4
-Calif. 4 EB to Calif. 99
-Calif. 99 SB to I-5
-I-5 SB to I-210
-I-210 EB to I-10 (*yeah, right. Navigate Los Angeles Freeways, sure.)
-I-10 EB to Blythe, Fuel and Lunch stop (notible, last fuel/food for 100 miles past Quartzsite).

I was able to make the trip in 2 days with only 1 driver. Whew...
Note- I tried to stop at a Rest Area every few hours to stretch, while there, I opened the hood to allow the engine to shed more heat than it would with the hood down. Also I let the engine breathe after certain steep climbs. CHECK YOUR FLUIDS CONSISTANTLY ON THIS ROUTE! The mountain passes through southern oregon and northern california, as well as Tejon Pass north of L.A. are hell on veh. Watch for trucks cutting off your momentum (if you were lucky enought to hit the bottom of the climb at 75-80 mph!). A semi crossing in your path at this speeds are dangerous, but they don't seem to care. I still would reccomend this route for any cross country, non-leisure drive.