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    I am thinking about taking a road trip in February or very early March from New York to Florida. (If very late Feburary or early March, I would be ending with a Yankees spring-training game.) I might even consider starting at the very beginning in Maine. I've been trying to get information about Route 1, but there I can't seem to find any maps or information about the entire route. There seems to be info on a state-by-state basis only.

    1. Is this a worthwhile route to take? If not, what might be a more interesting/viable route? 2. Are there maps available of the entire route, and/or books about the route as it can be traveled today?


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    Default It is a little tricky


    We are not aware of any guidebooks that cover the entire distance, and like you have already discovered, most of the good resources are organized by state. If you haven't already looked at the Kurumi site, this <a href = "">site details the route and attractions to be found in Connecticut<a/> and is excellent.

    I have asked a couple of the most knowledgeable "road geeks" out there for more resources and should have some more information by the end of the holidays.


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