I-40 travelers, beware! Here's a segment of an article from the Arizona Republic this morning:

"Interstate 40 was closed Monday morning between Seligman and the Arizona (sic) 93 junction outside Kingman because of heavy snow and traffic accidents. [It's US93, not SR93.]

Sgt. Rod Wigman of the Arizona Department of Public Safety said one of the accidents involves a truck hauling small-arms ammunition, with heavy snow hindering clean-up efforts.

In Kingman, thousands of school kids were given the day off due to snow and dangerous driving conditions. The Kingman Unified School District and the Kingman Academy of Learning canceled classes."

This is NOT the section of I-40 that is normally subject to closures for heavy snow. This illustrates what many of us know to be true -- the weather is quite often unpredictable! I doubt this closure is still in effect, and even if it is, it won't be for long. Flagstaff is expected to have 6-10 inches of snow by tonight, and the snow level will drop down to 6500 feet MSL overnight. This means that anything within about a 40 mile radius of Flagstaff could be snow-packed and/or icy tonight, as well as other sections such as the one between Seligman and Kingman as mentioned above. So, be careful out there!