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    imported_Simon Guest

    Default Three Danish youngsters planning a roadtrip

    Hi all,

    We are three Danish youngsters planning a roadtrip across America to put it mildly. The trip starts February 1st 2005 in Seattle and ends May 1st in Miami. At least that's the plan.
    The route so far is as follows:
    Seattle -> L.A. -> Chicago -> N.Y. -> Washington D.C. -> Miami

    The question to all you roadtrip experts out there: Is this a well chosen route? We plan to drive along the coast from Seattle to L.A. and along "route 66" from L.A. to Chigaco.
    It's a three months trip. Do you think we've decided upon too long a route? Or is it fabulous? And do you have any advice or anything we should know in connection with that particular route?

    Thanks to you all ind advance.

    Best regards,
    Simon, Søren and Silas

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default trip

    <a href = "">Trip Itinerary<a/> from driving from Central Washington to Phoenix (if you don't mind missing the sights!). If you have perminate residency in Washington, check with AAA Washington/Inland. They can actually help you set up a itenerary, route, and provide you with maps and tourbooks at little or no cost, provided that you either are or become a member. Thats the best information that I can suggest for people who are just looking to hit the road! (and if you break down in Arizona, I now work with AAA Roadside Assistance in Arizona, so me and my friends will be on call if you need help and have a membership.
    Anyway, there are lots of great roads to travel, just be careful about venturing on side roads and dirt country roads. And be sure to keep track of where you are, it will come in handy!
    If you need anymore help, just email me!
    Happy Trails!
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