"Newsguy" (a frequent poster) passed this notice along from the Gold Wing Road Riders Association. (Thanks, George!)

"On Thursday October 21, a diesel tanker truck overturned and burned at the I-20/59, I-65 interchange, otherwise known as "Malfunction Junction."

The junction is now malfunctioned beyond description.

One of the bridges is actually destroyed, and all traffic is being routed through areas of town around the interchange proper.

This happened two years ago to a different bridge at the same interchange, and the company that did the repair/replacement worked 24/7 and finished the job in record time. Even so, if this job goes at the same pace, the projection is for it to be done in about a month, which places the completion date sometime around Thanksgiving week.

Ride [& Drive] safe, and if you have holiday or other plans that take you north or south on I-65 from that interchange in Birmingham, AL, it will be wise to plan another route through or around the city."