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    HI! I'll be leaving Atlanta on 10/13 and have to be at Edwards, CA on 10/16.... planning on driving I-40 all the way out. Can anyone recommend any restaurants, towns, sites, random/unusal places to visit, etc... Unfortunately we don't have too much time to do wander off the hwy BUT are certainly interested in whatever's "close"...


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    Default 11-12 hr driving days

    If you have only 3 actual driving days, that's 11-12 hr. drives per day. If you have 4 full days, it's a little better. Either way, you don't have much "tourism" time.

    You will want to go north at Flagstaff Arizona 2 hrs off I-40 to the GRAND CANYON. At least for an hour or couple hours look-see. #180 to #64. When returning, stay on #64 right back down to I-40.

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    If you DO go to the Grand Canyon, then between Grand Canyon and Williams on SR64, at the junction of US180, there is an airport and a museum -- Planes of Fame. Be sure to stop there if you are interested in old airplanes. The collection's centerpiece in my opinion is a Lockheed Constellation that was used by General Douglas McArthur during the Korean War. It alone is worth the price of admission.

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