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    Default Road trip as a favor....

    I offered to deliver a car for a friend of my mothers, who recently relocated out to Santa Cruz, California. I have always wanted to make this journey, though unfortunately I have time constraints, and a business here in RI to tend to. She is taking care of most of my expenses, as well as a flight home. I WOULD LIKE FEEDBACK ON THE BEST ROUTE, to avoid as much traffic, and construction as possible. Also, stopping at night, driving all day, what would be the best places to hunker down for the night, and where do you think that will put me for time.
    Thanks for in advance....

  2. Default I-80

    If you drive I-80, the trip is a bit over 3100 miles and just over 4 days. I-80 is the most direct route in terms of distance and speed. You first night would fall in western Ohio, 2nd near Grand Island, NE, third around Salt Lake City, and the 4th, should you choose to stop, around Martinez or Danville, CA (NE of Oakland). These times allow for adequate meal stops and breaks, but no other stops except gas. If you stop for the 4th night, you've only got a couple of hours to finish in the morning of the 5th day. Bob

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    Default I-80 and motels

    I agree with Bob, I think I-80 would be your best bet to avoid traffic, you won't see much big crowded areas there and the scenery is awesome. If you don't want to pay too much for a motel room, I suggest you avoid Ogallalla, NE, it may look like a great town, lots of motels and things to see, but as for motels, it's a tourist trap. Even the small creepy motels along highway 26 are pretty expensive because of the Oregon trail which used to follow that path... It's a bit like the Route 66 tourists traps, for 70 bucks you get to sleep in an authentic Route 66 motel, but they're really authentic, if you know what I mean : sometimes no A/C, 60's kitschy decor, not very clean depending on the place... But this town is an exception, because most of the motels I saw on I-80 are very cheap and clean and are always vacancy, meaning you can easily bargain with the owner.

    Have a great trip!

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