Well, I started to type this up and realized that it would be far too long to post here. Eventually I'll set up a travel webpage with pictures and journals from my travels, but for now, here's a few remarks:

<li>I <i>still</i> cannot find good food in most of Kentucky. Could somebody help me out here?</li>
<li>The Red River Gorge area is absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of the Grand Canyon's North Rim</li>
<li>Kentuckians are friendly, except when they're not, and when driving they don't pull out in front of you for no reason (unlike my Yankee acquaintances)</li>
<li>Cumberland Falls and its environs are quite spectacular. If you go, also check out Eagle Falls!</li>
<li>KY 90 is a road trippers dream road, with graceful curves and great scenery, and no ripped-up pavement</li>

For the most part, the weather was very cooperative. The last time I went there we had heat indices of 105-110 degrees for several days. This time, I don't think it got over 92. We were able to take some bike rides (US-31 by the Tipi Motel!) and enjoy the back roads.