Hello everyone,

I have decided to go on a Roadtrip with a few friends. We have decided to do something around 4 weeks (more or less).

I live in Portugal and will be flying into NYC, renting a car with my American friend, and would like to finish the Roadtrip somewhere in California (maybe San Diego) and then fly back to Portugal from somewhere there.

Is 4 weeks give or take, enough to see many things on the way and enjoy the trip without having to rush? We would also like to do a few New England states before going South and West. Remember, once we get to the destination we are not driving back.. We're flying home from CA.

One of the places I REALLY! want to go is Savannah, GA. How much do you think we could get a decent car for, for the duration of the trip? What kind of car do you recommend? Budgetwise.. How much do you think each one of us will be spending? We are willing to stay with friends from time to time and sleep in not-so-great motels (isnt that one of the biggest roadtrip experiences?:))

Any suggestions of GREAT places to go? Any help would be truly truly helpful.

Thank you,
Afonso Campos
Porto, Portugal