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    we will be travelling down Highway 1 from SF to Vegas & want to go as far as Santa Barbara but avoid LA. Looking for best route, any advice?

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    Sorry, just had to say that. There are several routes for you to consider.

    The road around Lake Casitas is a little bit hilly, (county road 150) but lovely views and you could stop for a coffee or tea or whatever in Ojai. The only down side is that the area has grown population-wise with outsufficient growth of infrastructure and so the traffic might be a bit tough.

    In any case, eventually you will reach CA-126 at Santa Paula and I would proceed to the east on CA-126 until you reach Castiac Junction at I-5. Your route east from there really depends upon how much time you have. If you have time, you might consider driving some of the <a href = "">Ridge Route<a/> or take the Lake Hughes Rd and visit <a href = "">the Rock Inn<a/>. Eventually you will reach CA-14 (see below).

    Or you could take the Magic Mountain parkway and join CA-14 headed east, pick up Pearlblossom Highway (CA-138) and proceed to I-15 and then north to Las Vegas. <a href = "">Click here for some ideas<a/>.

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    Default Nigel Mansell

    without driving like Nigel Mansell, how long would you give yourself to do this section?

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