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    Default Advice for a first time roadtrip?

    Hi everyone,

    Well my roadtrip is about planned. All the hotels are booked, and the route is in the works. I will be leaving MA and flying to Arizona on Aug 16th. I leave from Salt Lake City on Aug 30th.

    I found a good deal on a rental car from Alamo for two weeks. It cost me $575 total. Of course I will be going all the way to Montana for this trip and then will have to backtrack to Salt Lake, but it'll save me a lot of money.

    I was just wondering if there are any words of wisdom from those who are roadtrip pros? haha. I've been on many roadtrips, but none like this in length.

    Anyone living in the AZ north to MT path...what are gas prices like? I am wondering how much gas is going to run me for the length of this trip.

  2. Default Gas and temps are high!

    You're going to have a great time! A long roadtrip is the same as a short roadtrip, only longer. :)

    Your car will have air conditioning so no need to worry about desert heat too much. Gas prices in Phoenix are running between 1.89 and 1.99 this week, and seem to be fairly stable. I found them even cheaper in northern AZ last weekend, as low as 1.79 if you were paying cash, a nickel more if you used a card. Bob

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    Default Gas prices + note to Bob:-)

    Try to stick to big truck stops for gas (FlyingJ, TA), they usually have the cheapest gas price around and they often offer frequent fueler programs that gives you small rebates on gas and sometimes products. Go to their website to get your free frequent fueler card.

    Ps-Hey Bob, I thought an old Phoenix guy like you could easily make it without A/C in the car, c'mon enjoy the heat!:-) ---From a crazy Quebec chick who didn't use the A/C at all during her June trip in the Southwest...But don't ask me to run without car heating this winter though!:oPP Ugh!:-))

  4. Default It's a DRY heat!

    I DO enjoy the heat -- especially in October when it GOES AWAY!

    Our worst months for comfort are July and August because our air flow patterns shift 180 degrees (a true "monsoon!") and we get moist, humid air off the southern gulfs. Other than that, 100 degrees + isn't bad unless it gets above 107-108 -- then it's just plain HOT. We go to the northern cooler parts of the state on weekends and vacations, and during the work week, the wimps among us just stay inside!

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    Hehe, Ok, boo-hoo I'll be crying for you while I'll be freezing my butt from next November through May 2005.:-)) Just teasing you!:-))

    Gen who REALLY likes the heat:-)

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