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    J T Richardson Guest

    Default Alternate routes to Orlando

    My family and I are going to Orlando in March. Usually I just stick to I75 all the way there. I am thinking of using I65 to Montgomery and US231 to Marianne FL and over to I75. We really don't care for navigating Atlanta. Does anybody have thoughts on this? Also what is WDW like in March? I hope it is not as bad as the week of Christmas!

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    Roxy Guest

    Default any routes from Miami to Orlando?

    i am doing a project and need to find as many routes to Orlando as possible. Can any one help me???

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    Default School Project perchance?

    This sounds like school project -- I would suggest using one of the online mapping tools and plugging in different starting locations. The one we like is Other resources are on this <a href = "">site</a>.


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    Cpab Guest

    Default Orlando in March

    It really depends on the year. It is mild (like 60-70) and possibly rainy. Better than December :)not as good as April.

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