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    imported_Pat Guest

    Default CT to FL quickly

    We are driving to FL from CT next week.

    In the past, I have avoided Baltimore and DC by leaving 95 in Wilmington, going down the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Rte 50 West past Annapolis, then going over the Potomac River bridge, joining back up with I-95 in Richmond.

    Is this still a good way to go? We are leaving CT around 10 a.m., if thats any help.


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    imported_Nicole Guest

    Default CT to FL sans highways

    My father and I are driving from central CT to Sarasota, FL next month, and he wants to avoid highways. We have a week to make the drive, and we're traveling with pets. I don't even know where to begin. "" used to give alternate routes, but they don't anymore. Can anyone help give us directions, good places to stop and the like? Please help!

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    Default MS Streets and Trips

    I assume you mean no interstates? Microsoft "Streets and Trips" software has an "options" feature that allows you to specify what kind of roads you wish to use. It's fairly inexpensive and works as well as any program I've used. You might give it a shot. Or, others on the forum may have some specific suggestions for that area. I have limited experience in that area, but I know if I were going I'd drive down the Outer Banks (North Carolina)! Bob

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