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    Default Ideas for Teacher's Spring Break Road Trip?

    I'm a high school European History teacher and I'm already looking forward to Spring Break in April. My girlfriend and I are going to hop in the car and just start driving. Right now we have no particular destination(s) in mind. We'll be leaving from Terre Haute, Indiana (on the west side of the state), though we haven't even picked a direction yet. Does anyone have any fun/unique ideas for a road trip over Spring Break for a teacher and his girl?

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    Default What kinds of adventure are you up for?


    That is (in my view) the perfect outlook for starting a roadtrip -- when I can get a way with it, I wait until the morning of travel to decide on a direction. A couple of questions: How long (total) do you have for this adventure? How far is too far for you to drive? If you were able to narrow the preferred activites to three -- which ones would they be? Are you interested in camping or resort lodging? Off-highway driving?

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    We've got a full week, from a Saturday to the following Sunday. I've got a new car so mileage isn't a big deal. I'm basically just interested in seeing something different. My girlfriend isn't in to camping so hotels are the order of the day. So there aren't too many limitations. I'm not thinking of driving to California or Washington, mind you. But there are still a lot of opportunities.

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    Default New Orleans?

    How about a run south down the Mississippi to New Orleans? This being the bicentennial year of Lewis and Clark, you might find some interesting things to see and do related to French and Spanish history and culture, the Louisiana Purchase, plus the Civil War sites and other uniquely southern attractions!

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    Default St. Louis

    I like Bob's idea of tying your trip into the Lewis & Clark Bi-Centennial. National Geographic has a nice guidebook of following the Lewis & Clark trail via today's highways with exploratory stops here and there along the way. The book combines it's information with history of the trip. One week won't be long enough to follow their entire route but you could start in St. Louis and do a portion of it. If this interests you, I would just follow it until it's time to drive like heck to get home in time for school to start.

    You might check out
    for information on events being planned to celebrate the bi-centennial. If you're lucky, you might get to take part in something duringyour trip. Enjoy!

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    Default Lewis and Clark

    I'm a big follower of Lewis and Clark and am very interested in the festivities that will be happening over the next few years. I have plans to go to many of the official events and travel some of the trail, so it's definitely a good suggestion. But since it's already planned as more of a summer thing, any other ideas?

    New Orleans is a good idea, I haven't been there in a few years. Any other spring break road trip ideas? Thanks to everyone who's been helping!


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    Default I like the gulf coast!

    Like South Padre Island, etc) But lots of other "kids" have the same idea, so that'd be a good choice only if you like crowds!

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