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    I am leaving for NYC from Phoenix this Wednesday. My only goal is that I would like to get there by Sunday morning, which I think will require a little, but not too much of a push. The problem is I have no clue which way to go, the 10 will avoid most bad weather (I think) but adds almost a day it seems, then I could also take the 40 and then go to either Indiana or Tenn. from there, and there are probably other, better ways.


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    Default Rand McNally says...

    The fastest route is directly west via the Interstate system -- basically I-78, I-70, I-44, I-40 and I-17, via Harrisburg, Pittsburg, Columbus, Indy, St Louis, OKC, Albuquerque and Flagstaff. Check the weather to make sure the roads are good (you can use the resources on this site for that -- true one-stop shopping). The estimated driving time is 41 hours -- so 3+ 12 hours days or 4 ten hours days will get you here. or 5 EASY days...

    Be careful and enjoy the drive!

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