hi -

I'm planning my SoCal trip to Colorado, but I'm having a hard time with various weather sites. So far they all say that part of Cali and Utah and Colo are all "hazardous" for driving. Yet I know people are taking those roads. I'm going straight from Cali to Colo on the 15 and 70. But so far, these sites are saying that it's too hazardous to drive. Do I have the right sites? I got them on the homepage of this site. Maybe I'm reading them wrong. Does the hazardous driving normally let up by the middle of the month? I'm getting nervous about the drive. Maybe I should take a plane!

Also, I'm coming back April 14 and so I thought I wouldn't have any problems at that time. Yet someone I know who lives in Colo says that April is when they get their heaviest snow! So I'm confused!