I've been planning to move out of here since it got cold again :P I can't stand anymore cold winters and I really want to move to pursue my dreams. So in June of 2004 i'm gonna take my car, my digital camera, and all my essentials with me on a road-moving-trip to LA. I'm 18 right now and will be 19 at that time, and I really wanna be an actor or model and I know that's the place to be. Even if I don't make it, the climate there couldn't be better right?

I was planning on visiting these places along the way:

Kansas City(big Chiefs fan)
Roswell, NM(to see what all this ufo commotion is about)
Phoenix, AZ(visit my uncle in time for his birthday)
and then head to San Diego and drive up along the coast to LA.

I was just wondering if there are anymore places I should go?, I really wanna take some good pictures along the way and look back on it. I wanted to stop by Las Vegas but ruled that out because it's too far off course. This is really about the only time in my life I could do this kind of thing, so it needs to be well thought-out.

Also I was wondering how much money I would need to travel there and survive for about a month while I search for any job? I think I could get about $1500.

Thanks for reading!