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    Default Moving from Seattle to Dallas via LA 1st week of December 03

    I need help for my moving trip from Seattle to Dallas via Los Angeles first week of December. I 5 South, I 10 East and I 20 to Dallas.

    I am pulling 2 wheels car dolly for my nissan maxima with 99 Honda Odyssey, do I need to be prepare tire chain for So OR and No CA snow or icy condition?

    What web site should I check the road condition for those particular area? What time of the day should I hit those mountain?

    Is it worth it to save the shipping charge by pulling my maxima with mywife and my four year old son in the van along with me?

    Thank you.

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    Default Websites

    Here's the website to check road conditions in Oregon:

    And here's the one for California:

    You can also get good information to plan your travels at

    Or you could go to this website this gives you links to highway conditions across the US and Canada:

    Sorry that I have no information on shipping charges as I've never moved cross-country. I might suggest that you drive the Maxima instead of towing it. You could drive next to each other and communicate via FRS radios. I know when my brother-in-law and their family moved from Renton, WA, to Ft. Worth, TX, they did this. It made it nice because they got peace and quiet and took turns having the kids with them so no one got too stressed out during the trip. Just a thought.

    Hope your move goes well.

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    Default One Stop Shop

    For road and weather conditions web site access -- we keep the links for <a href = "">Road and Weather Conditions</a> updated, so I suggest bookmarking RTA's page.


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    I hope you enjoy your new home. I've lived here for about 1.5 years now. Its a place that gives plenty of options for good trips.

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