Me and two friends are planning on going to the USA (from Sweden) this winter and drive around the country for about 2-3 months. We are planning on going to Miami and then take the southern route to L.A. Then head north to San Francisco and via Las Vegas going to visit a friend in Minneapolis. Then we will go to New York and fly home from there.

We are planning on going early february. Our budget will be very limited and since we are only 20 I wonder how to get a vechile? Any tips? If you rent I guess you have to be 21, and buying a car takes some time with insurance and registration i've heard. I've also heard that there are this deals where you get to drive a car for a company. Anyone knows anything about this? PLEASE HELP US, we don't know who to ask about this.

Also, anyone know how much money we will need? Im thinking about bringning 30 000 Swedish Crowns (I think its about 3500 dollars). Also remember we will be three splitting the gas bill.

Thanks in advance!