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    I'm planning a trip at the beginning of the summer to go from MA to California and back. Roughly how long will this take with no long stays during the days. Me and a friend wanna basically just drive out to visit cousins and simply get a bit of the taste of the road. Time is crunched a bit because of jobs and things like that. So long will it roughly take stopping to see a few sites along the way

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    Default Fastest = 6 days

    The absolute fastest you can make that run (safely) is six days, but you will have to drive at least 1000 miles a day. If you can take ten days, you could stop and see some things along the way. But, remember such a trip would be at least 6000 miles. With only a few reasonable detours it could easily exceed 8,000 miles. That will more than give you "a taste of the road"!

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