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    Default Trip tips East cost Toronto to Key west road trip

    Hi there people,

    We are planning an Road trip for next summer ,starting in Toronto , Ontario and the destination will be Key west, Florida. Two cities we want to visit along the way are new york city and savannah. The rest of the stops are not yet set. We would like to hear if someone has some tips for us to plan a great trip??

    Many thanks,
    Eelco & Esther

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    Default I might be interested

    Hey, can you e-mail me. I might be interested in doing that route as well..!!

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    Default Toronto to Key West

    Personally I can do without NY but that is a matter of preference. Both Charleston and Savanah are great. I give the edge to Charleston. Walking or riding around Charleston is fairly easy. There is a great several block flea market and plenty of good eats abound. The Fort Sumter ride or tour is scenic. If your doing Savanah try to get over to the Old Bon Venture Cemetery. A victorian delight and the backdrop of the book "In the Garden of Good and Evil." Somewhat off the main road but not that hard to find. Good luck.

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    E.Postma Guest


    Hi there,

    We where thinking of skipping NY ourselves or to make it our startingpoint. We basically planned our route over the weekend. It is just a blueprint, but its a start. As you all can see NY is still in this route. If anybody has something to say our tips about this route we will be very pleased if you would share them with us.

    Montreal- Ottowa,
    Ottowa - Toronto,
    Toronto - Niagara Falls,
    Niagara Falls - New york City,
    New York City - Atlantic City,
    Atlantic City - Washington DC,
    Washington DC - Virginia Beach,
    Virginia Beach- Charlotte,
    Charlotte - Savannah,
    Savannah - Tallahassee,
    Tallahassee - Orlando,
    Orlando - Maimi,
    Maimi - Key west,

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    Hemant Nagar Guest


    Hey guys, Im Emailing from the UK and am planning the same Road trip with some friends from Toronto.

    Please contact me at:

    Any further help would be great especially since Im so far away from the States!


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