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    Default Time?

    I am driving from Wichita, KS thru Denver to Las Vegas. How is the drive from Denver to Vegas via I-70 and how long should I expect it to take?

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    Default One of our favorite Interstate Drives

    The length of the trip depends entirely upon the weather, that said, it remains one of our favorite Interstate drives. I have driven that route is just about every kind of weather. If the road is dry, if your vehicle likes mountain driving and traffic is light to moderate and you somehow manage to overlook the incredible vistas afforded by the multiple pull-offs along the route, then you can expect to reach Las Vegas in about thirteen hours.

    For suggestions on places to stop and tarry along that route, and for other comments about traveling on I-70, use the Gray Search button on the top of this page and enter "I-70" into the search box. (Select all topics).

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