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    Default FL to San Diego

    I am moving to San Diego with a friend at the end of August and would like to see some sights on the way out there. I-10 seems to be the quickest route but I want it to be scenic as well. This will be my first road trip so any advice about routes and sights would be appreciated. I have about 7 days to get out there and would like to see all that I can in that amount of time. We're also a bit strapped for cash so cheap alternatives are welcomed.

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    Default RoadTrippin can be expensive

    Cash-strapped is never the ideal way to mount a cross-continent expedition. Your biggest expense is likely to be fuel and your fuel cost is 100% dependent upon how much road trippin' you do away from the most direct Interstate routes.

    Just traveling accross the country will be scenic. How much money are you willing to spend? Once that is known, the posters on this forum can probably provide you with some ideas.


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    After going through Texas, go for the national parks. you can buy a golden eagle (?) pass that will let you in for free for a year. Carlsbad Caverns, then north towards colorado and utah-capital reef, mesa verde, zion, bryce, grand canyon! All not expensive if you have the pass, but you will need to find somewhere to sleep (or camp?).

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    yeah we're definitely planning to camp along the way. thanks for the advice on the eagle pass. I'll look into it. How long are we looking at if we go to Cali by way of Colorado, Utah- from northwest florida? And since i'm obviously a complete novice here any insight on total costs would be much appreciated. (I have enough for safety but would like to keep it cheap if possible)

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    You can consider taking I-40 instead. I have heard that the stretch through Arkansas is very pretty, and I know from personal knowledge that it becomes very scenic in New Mexico and Arizona. You will pass through the incredible city of Santa Fe, and eventually the highway will put you within a mile or so of Petrified Forest National Park (which I highly recommend). It is easy to get from I-40 to I-10 (SoCal traffic aside of course) on the last leg of the trip.

    Just keep in mind that both I-10 and I-40 pass through sections of the country that are prone to extreme heat and very strong sun. Make sure you have all necessary supplies with you should unforeseen problems arise. A few gallons of water is absolutely essential.

    Also, you should be aware that California is pretty strict about registering your car with the state, getting a Smog Check, switching to a California driver's license. Technically, you have 10 days to begin making these changes. They're not going to come looking for you, but it is still a good idea to get it taken care of.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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