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    Default vancouver to san diego. and back..

    Myself and 4 friends recently bought an old GMC Safari in Vancouver, and are looking to take a road trip from here down to San Diego at the end of August. We'll only have about two weeks (maybe 16/17 days) for this trip. And we're gonna have to come back to Vancouver to fly home. (to Ireland).

    Having never been to the States before, I just wanted to ask other people who have made this trip or know about the area for comments or suggestions. We were thinking of driving first to San Diego as fast as possible (does anyone know how long this would take?), and make our way slowly back. Are we mad? Are we trying to do too much?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can do it in 2 days if you do nothing but drive long hours. I would allow at least 3 days to get there. I agree with you plan to get down there fast and then slowly meander back. That way you know your time better. Once you get done playing in CA, you will know how many days you have left and whether or not you need to drive like heck back to Vancouver or whether you have some time to take the coast highway. The coast drive is tremendous. You could easily take 2 weeks or more just driving the whole way up the coast and you would never be bored. Lots to see and do.

    Anyway, yeah, drive like crazy taking proper stops for rest and/or for changing drivers for safety, to get to San Diego in 2-3 days. With more than one driver, you should easily be able to do it in 2 long days. Then explore up the coast on the way back. If time gets tight, you can always head over to I-5 and zip back north real quick.

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    I've never been as far north as Vancouver, but I used to live in San Diego. I suggest you take a map and try to figure out which areas are of greatest interest to you. The state of California is extremely diverse. It has so many different eco systems which boast oceans, mountains, deserts and everything in between. Also consider if you are tripping to see natural wonders or man-made splendors. San Diego is a trip destination for many who spend a week or more taking in all that delightful region has to offer. However, the two hour plus (depending on traffic) trip from Los Angeles to San Diego is boring. City after city, traffic congestion, occasional coastal views, etc. There is a portion that can be accessed by the "coastal route", but it is very congested and slow traveling.

    After you determine which type of sites you would like to see, perhaps we may provide more precise insights. Happy tripping!!

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