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    Ross Webster Guest

    Default Any idea of prices?

    I can find no information anywhere about what sort of prices the Rent-A-Wreck car rental firm offer... I am from Ireland so don't want to phone them (expensive :o)...

    Anbody have any ideas, I want a convertible for about a month ...

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    Steven Guest


    they are about 30 dollars a day and you cant leave the local area. the only benifit I have found for them is they will take a 300 dollar cash deposit if you dont have credit card

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    kristy Guest

    Default local area?

    not sure what you mean by local area. i know we rented from there twice when i was under 25 and drove from northern new jersey to virginia beach and into North Carolina.

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default A good trick

    I would say you were lucky. Usually they get a little huffy if you go more than about 50 miles from the office where you rented the vehicle.

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    kristy Guest

    Default oops

    i was never the one to do the actual renting since i lived in BFE compared to my friends. i dont think we ever got in trouble though cuz we actually rented for a third trip that never happened for other reasons. guess we just got lucky

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