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    Default 3-week trip from Ohio to NorCal

    ...via Denver, Montana and Seattle.

    A buddy and I are taking a three week road trip from Toledo Ohio through Denver, portions of Montana, and Seattle to Northern California in August. I figured that I would start soliciting advice for the trip.

    The plan right now is to travel very lightly, camping whenever possible and spending some time with friends in Denver, Montana and Seattle along the way. Anyone made a similar trip and have advice on waypoints or on places that we shouldn't miss along the way? We're going to try to stay off of the main highways and just kind of meander across the country.

    Thanks a lot everyone.


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    Aaron Meyer Guest

    Default Forgot to mention

    The car we're using for the trip (barring a third friend coming along too) will be my '87 Porsche 924S. This necesitates the "travel lightly" part of the trip, but it would also be nice to find some really good driving roads along the way. Thanks again.


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    Default Some Rambling ideas

    My favorite form of roadtripping is the mosey. To that end, here are some rambling ideas in no particular order...

    1.The Wyoming State Fair launches on the 9th of August in Douglas, home to the Jackalope and some great cowboy bars. Most of my family has competed in some event or other at this annual cowboy fest over the last 100 years or so.

    2. A visit to the Grotto, enjoyed by Jesse James, is worth a stop just east of Denver. (

    3. Bandy's Troll Haven west of Seattle is pretty cool. (

    4. Mono Hot Springs NE of Fresno -- is one of my all-time favorite places.

    5. Hard to pass up Redwood National park.

    6. Best place for lunch on the Mendocino Coast: and be sure and take a canoe upstream on the Big River (riding the tidal surge)

    7. Go north from Toledo and check out the upper penisula of Michigan and then pick up some (or all) of Rte US-2) Glacier's Highway of the Sun is not to be missed.

    Ramble on!

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