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    imported_Shaun Guest

    Default Seeking traveling companion to adventure in the U.S's southwest

    Hi :-),

    I'm hoping to explore the southwest region of the U.S this spring, summer, of fall. I'm looking for a traveling companion to travel places such as the Grand Canyon, southwest California, Zion / Bryce, Monument Valley, White Sands National Monument, Santa Fe, Carlsbad Caverns, and perhaps even drive north to Yellowstone / Grand Tetons area! Though I don't have any specific itinerary!

    Basically, I'm age 22 and currently residing on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada with my girlfriend. Though I'm actually an American citizen who grew up in Florida. But was doing I.T in California before going overseas in 2001-2002 for 9 months in Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands. So, I have heaps of travel tales to share. After returning stateside last June I traveled much of the west coast from San Diego, camping along Big Sur, San Francisco, and Oregon. Before arriving to Seattle for a one month caregiver position.

    Though I'm in Canada I don't have a work VISA up here. So, therefore my tentative plans are to work a summer job in the U.S.

    The main purpose of this excursion is adventure and seeing places. While in Australia I did a trip from Melbourne to Perth across the outback and it was quite powerful.

    More about me: I'm good company, enjoy a laugh, live a laid back lifestyle, open minded, good communication skills, clean, and responsible. I speak mainly English though also some Fijian, Spanish, and French. I carry heaps of music, hold a valid driver's license, can drive a stick, have never been in an accident, and have driven on both the left / right hand side of the road :-D.

    My interests / hobbies include: Music ( I play drums, guitar, keyboards, and DJ for fun), hiking, reading, writing poetry, astronomy, animals (Cats, dogs, even kangaroos :-D), photography, sports (Basketball, soccer, and frisbee especially), and of coarse traveling.

    If you are already working on plans for an adventure of this scope or desire to do so please e-mail!


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    imported_Brad Guest

    Default Righteous travel man

    Shaun- sound like a most righteous travel companion. Too bad I'm not going to be in that part of the country for your sure to be most amazing adventures. If you are haeding up to Alaska ever, I'm in Fairbanks and always ready to hit the road.

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    Tony Grant Guest

    Default The Awesome American SW

    Hello Shaun
    As someone who was fortunate enough to spend several weeks travelling around the SW, all I can say is "enjoy" and I wish I could join you.
    Living in the flatest part of England I certainly enjoyed the scenery and fell in love with the area.
    I would love to live in Arizona but as I'm British I'm not allowed to live in the USA. Something to do with the USA having been at war with Britain (War of Independence). Someone sure bears a grudge! I digress.
    Have a great time and I'm very envious.


    ps The Grand Canyon is very BIG !

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