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    Default 12 Days-Boston to San Fran and BACK?

    Will it be doable to go from Boston to San Francisco and Back to Boston Christmas to New Years(12 days) and enjoy some destinations along the way?

    Or does it make more sense to fly out and drive back in 12 days?

    Any recommendations?

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    Default Doable -- but tough

    It depends on how much you want to drive and how fast the roads will allow you to go. If you drove 8 hours per day, stopping only for fuel and food and the roads were clear and dry it would take you about 12.2 days to cover the 6200 roundtrip miles. Driving much beyond 8 hrs a day on winter roads can be very fatiguing.

    I would recommend flying one-way and taking time to enjoy the drive back.

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    Eric Guest


    thanks mark....i figured as does 11 days from San Fran to Boston(1 way) still make it tough and tiring or is that considered a comfortable trip...(approx. 4.5 hours a day?).....basically could it be a fun trip, or still heavy driving focused?

  4. Default 11 days - One Way

    SF to Boston in 11 days, 10 nights makes for a comfortable drive.

    My best advice is to keep your eye on the weather as much as possible. If you stay in motels, watch Weather Channel each morning before setting out. Also, some interstate highway rest areas are equipped with weather info stations. If you can avoid snow and ice, the cold shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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