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    Default Best Route LA to Las Vegas

    I'm looking for information on the best route from LA to Vegas and the best time to leave on a Friday morning - any thoughts?

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    Default Most direct = I-15


    The most direct is I-10 to the I-15 to Las Vegas. Barring construction delays and accidents the travel time is 4-5 hours depending where in LA you are starting from.

    Anytime before 3:00 pm is a good departure time.

    Other routes can be more scenic but I have driven the I-15 route about 80 times in the last two years -- I find it interesting every time.


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    Default LA to Vegas route

    I like the 14 North out of LA to the 138 near Palmdale to the 18 to the 15. It can be MUCH MUCH quicker, particularly when the 10 is at its slowest.

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