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    Default Driving from West Virginia to LA

    I am trying to plan my route to LA. I am moving there within the next few months. I want to see a lot of things on my way since I may never do this again. The only place I have to stop is right outside of Wichita, KS to see a close friend of mine. I would love to see lots of scenic things and definitely the Grand Canyon. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get some suggestions on things to see or places to stop along the way? I plan on taking my time. Thank you for any help you can give!!

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    Richard woods Guest

    Default your trip to LA

    Suggest US 50 out of Wichita to either La Junta via 350 thru Trinidad,Co,Taos,Santa Fe,Albuquerque,I-40 thru "Indian Country"(numerous great side trips such as Acoma Pueblo,Enchanted Mesa,Petrified Forest National Park,Meteror Crater Natural Landmark and on to the Grand Canyon or take US 50 thru Colorado and visit the Grand Canyon after seeing Cedar Breaks National Monument and Zion in Utah.Assuming your trip starts in October,check the weather in Colorado before going in that direction.We are doing a similar trip in 4 weeks,only in reverse to yours including Montreal, etc then down to Virginia.Just go to San Diego, not LA!!!Happy motoring.

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    imported_Andy Guest

    Default re: roadtrip

    Am planning to do a similar route - maybe through I-50 - am from Ireland so my perception of how much time is needed to do roadtrip of this length is not very clear - how much time, realistically do you think it may take? Taking into consideration detours to see areas of interest etc.



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    Default Route will fit all available Time


    I assume you intend to travel on US-50 (since there isn't an I-50). The fastest travel on this primarily two-lane road could be accomplished is five days. But if you plan to take side trips and etc. I would suggest 10-14 days. Like most road trip routes, the length of the trip will expand to fit the available days.


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