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    Default vancouver - vegas in 3 weeks (and back) can it be done?

    Hi all,

    I am a british girlie whos coming to the good ole usa and have a few things I want to see...

    Im planning on flying to vancouver to meet up with a friend and then to drive down to vegas taking in the sights...can this be done. I have to get back to vancouver in 3 weeks..can this be done?

    E-mail me or add to this thread ...any help appreciated.


    P.S Uk is so small you can get from top to bottom in 16 hours! so you can see im struggling with scale here!

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    Default Sure, it can be done


    One way it is about 2300 Km or about 1400 miles. Without stopping for fuel or anything else it could be driven in about 21 hours. So, if you bombed down to Las Vegas and returned stopping only for fuel and snacks the entire distance could be covered in about 2.5 days.

    However, there is so much to see along the way that you should plan on spending at least 4-5 days in transit in each direction and a few days exploring along the way. Three weeks is doable!

    Have fun!


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