I am seriously considering selling everything I own and packing up my girls, (ages 6 & 9) in an RV and becoming an American nomad. I know I must sound like some kind of crazy hippie to even think about this, but I feel trapped by the material lifestyle I am living. I am a secondary school English teacher with a Masters in Education, and have MANY other skills, including crafting, sewing and cooking. I also have a Colorado Business license... (if I wanted to be a roadside peddler, would I need some kind of interstate commerce license?) I guess you could say that the only thing holding me back at this point is trying to work out the logistics of such a transient lifestyle. How does one make money on the road? Are there others out there that I can hookup with to pool resources or barter with for food and supplies? Are there others out there who are doing this? Or am I REALLY nuts? If there is anyone out there with any answers at all to my questions, please reply!