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    Default Cinci to San Fran in 2 weeks...can it be done?

    I am planning a trip and want to drive from Cinci to San Fran in two weeks....hitting spots along the way. Definately want to see the Grand Canyon, Hoover, Las Vegas, and as many other natural sites as possible....can it be done in 2 weeks?

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    forgot to mention that this will be a round trip....need to make it back to cinci within the 2 weeks

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    Rey Diaz Guest

    Default 2 weeks!!

    Hi there,

    Well, to go from Cinci to SF in 2 weeks you could easily stop off in Vegas. However, a return trip will make it tough. SF to Vegas is a day each way by itself. Plus you want to take some time in each city. I'm sure it could be done, but you're leaving little time to enjoy the sites and sounds.


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    the dude Guest

    Default thats an easy trip

    from indiana, we went to roswell, NM, yuma, AZ, san diego, LA, hollywood, price is right, up hwy 1, san fran, reno, carhenge nebraska, and back all in 9 days. you could add seattle into that with the extra five days. get a van, drive non-stop through the plains, smoke alot of pot, and good luck.
    el duderino

  5. Default dodgy

    Me and the g/f did Cincy to SF (as part of a 3month, 48 state trip) last year. That part of the journey took us 5 weeks. Ok sowe diverted through every state on the way but I do think you're pushing it a bit to do it there and back in the time you've mentioned.

    Tony, Scotland.

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