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    Peter Guest

    Default West Coast trip

    I'll be heading out to the West coast sometime in early to mid May for a slightly extended period (driving from Pittsburgh). I'd like to take in and visit all the West Coast sights starting from Oregon all the way down to Mexico. All the major cities are on my list except maybe LA...been there done it. Cities, towns,'s all on my list.

    I will be driving a pickup truck with a spacious cab in the back to snooze. Looking for a mate, preferably female (I will completely respect your privacy). I'm laid back, unprententious and I have a lot of time on my hands. I was involved in the Internet industry and was recently laid off...this is my play time. Only fun loving easy going people need apply.

    And if you have any suggestions on the sights I shouldn't miss, please reply to my thread.



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    Amy Guest


    If you drive through AZ, on interstate 8 near Yuma, there is a great little town in Mexico called Alcojones. You would find it by going west on the 8, past Yuma, just as you cross the CA boarder there is an exipt that says Mexico, and the turn off is called Andrade/ Araz Rd exit...go south for one mile you will find this small town. It is best for really cheap medicine, I was there last weekend and paid $50 for a 2 month supply for something that costs $180 for one month here.

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