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    Megan Guest

    Default looking for a ride?

    Hey all, I need a little help... I have to get from Philadelphia to San Francisco this June. I have to get there around the 13th for a cross-country biking trip advocating social activism and awareness. Does anyone have a ride, a friend or a GOOD online place to search for rides? and on that note... how about the service where you are paid to drive a car cross country? Any suggestions to get me from here to there are VERY appreciated...

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    Stefan Guest

    Default Also looking for a car to drive

    My name is Stefan and I'm also looking for information about driving another person's car across the country. If you have websites, phone numbers or other leads, please let me know.

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    Default Auto Driveaway is the ticket!


    One of the companies that allows folks to drive around the USA in other folks cars is Auto Driveaway. The driver information page is at:

    Let us know if you do this and how it went!


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    unknown Guest

    Default Seattle to Atlanta (or anywhere Georgia)

    Female driving to Georgia at the end of July (27th or Aug 3rd), and would like to find another female(s) willing to help me drive.

    If you know of anyone traveling in same direction, or know of any other forums that could help in my search, I'd really appreciate the help.


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    Mike Vogel Guest

    Default need a car

    Hi, I also need a car. My girlfriend and I want to take a road trip in September starting and ending in Chicago. Are there any other options besides renting a car? I looked into Auto Drive Away, but they seem to be more into the one-way travelling business. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them! Thanks and aloha.


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