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    Brent Byars Guest

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    I have a large equity in a nice cabin sw of Denver, in a Beautiful Area. Am possibly interested in a trade for a newer, nice motor home. I haven't yet found any clearing house on this subject.

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    Road Greetings Brent,

    Your e-mail address stopped working (on our end) about six months ago. Glad to hear you are still around!

    In regards to your query -- talk to a real estate agent that handles tax deferred exchanges -- I am sure something could be worked out.


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    Don Woodmancy Guest

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    I like the idea of a tax deferred exchange for a motor home/cabin exchange. Before you do,however, you need to get really good professional tax advice. To do a tax deferred exchange, there are a number of rules and tests that have to be met. Two of the tests that might be a problem in this case are that both properties must be owned for the production of income and both properties must be of "like kind". You can check out Section 1031 of the IRS codes and discussions of the section in the CCH tax guides available in most large libraries for more information.

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