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    Travis Guest

    Default Georgia to Idaho

    A couple of us guys are planning a trip from Hartwell, GA (where I live) to Mountain Home,Idaho (near Boise)
    I need to find some things to see/do along the way...any suggestions? It's a helluva long way, and we can't wait.
    We'll be leaving around the end of March. Thanx

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    imported_Publisher Guest

    Default Very cool destination!

    Big T,

    What kinds of things blow your hair back? How long will you be on this adventure? What mode of vehicle are you going to use?


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    Travis Guest

    Default Blown back by riding motorcycles!

    Well,what little hair i have left gets blown back by riding my motorcycles!
    Anyway, I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier CrewCab that rides really well, and
    the time frame? Well, I figure 3-4 weeks +/-. We thought about renting a car
    for the trip and then flying back to Atlanta Hartsfield....who knows?

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    imported_Publisher Guest

    Default Hair comments, aside

    Greetings Big T,

    Now, I know more than I needed to about your hairstyle. OK, what kinds of adventures are you looking for? Fun bars? Great hot springs? Secluded mtns? Fast highways? Cool Women?

    The simplest thing is to use our Search utility and enter the names of the states you will be driving through at to see what we have found in those areas. But I can give you some other tips once I know what you range of things you are thinking about.


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