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    Default Summer trip up the east coast from Atlanta to Canada

    We are seniors and would like to do a round trip from Atlanta up the east coast to Canada and back inland to Atlanta. I welcome any and all suggestions on interesting sites to visit as well as places to avoid.

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    Default 'Interesting' is in the Eye of the Beholder

    There are so many things that different people find interesting. Knowing a few specifics of what you're interests are, what you want to get out of the trip, and what your timeframe and/or travel style are would help us to help you. Here's a link to a RoadTrip I took through that general area a few years back to give you some idea of what I found interesting and how easy it is to find interesting sites pretty much everywhere. Have a look particularly at Days 4 through 13.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As an administrative note, I have changed your location to just your city. Posting your entire home address on a public forum isn't a wise idea from a security standpoint.

    In any case, we'd love to know more about what you are thinking for this trip. How many people are the "we" in your group? How long do you have? When you say you're going to Canada - do you mean that you're going to get to Maine and turn back, or are you also thinking of visiting Atlantic Canada? What kinds of things are you interested in and what places have you already decided are your personal must sees.

    The beauty of a roadtrip is you get go any place you want, so the more you can tell us, the more others can help you with your planning and the more ideas they might have that would compliment the ideas that you've already come up with.

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    Default Some thoughts...

    AZBuck and Michael have some good thoughts. The first things *I* thought off as I read this:

    * If you're looking for scenery, the Outer Banks of North Carolina comes to mind.

    * If you love history, Charleston SC is full of it!

    * If you're trying to get out of traffic situations, US. 17 between Murrells Inlet and Carolina Shores is full of traffic lights, even staying off Busn 17 and using US 17. I know it's been awhile since my hubby and I traveled through there, but I don't recall a lot of sea views.

    * If you want to go into Canada, you'll need valid passports.

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    Default Sites I thoroughly enjoyed in Maine.

    When you get north Boston MA is the Kennedy Library and into Maine, there is of course the large L.L.Bean store. You may find that interesting to wander through.

    There is also the Penobscot Narrows Bridge with the world's tallest public bridge observatory, with panoramic views of the river and Fort Knox.

    The other thing along the ME coast - though not right by the water, is the trail of concrete statues The map for the self drive tour and explanation of all is available at ME visitor centres.

    I had started my drive in Key West FL, and right there just as you approach the Canadian border are the markers with the total mileage of rte US-1. They are actually in the grounds of a very nice motel. I enjoyed a few nights there.

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